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Get immediate access to our entire online jewelry inventory and sell directly to your customers. Always have fresh, new pieces to offer your customers without the hassle or costliness of searching for them yourself. Get more sales using our products with your prices!

What is Jewelry Memo?

Jewelry Memo is a wholesale jewelry company that stocks thousands of pieces of antique, vintage and modern jewelry. Our company is comprised of jewelry experts and Graduate Gemologists that constantly search the globe for the most unique finds. Jewelry Memo gives your business an all-access pass to our entire online jewelry inventory loaded directly onto your website. From antique and vintage finds to contemporary and modern pieces, you will always have something fresh and unique to show your customer.

How It Works

Immediate Inventory

Incorporate OUR products on YOUR website with the prices YOU choose. No extra work is required on your end. We supply all products, photos and information for you at no charge. Our technicians will embed all of our products digitally directly onto your current site.  Select inventory you want!

Our Products, Your Prices

You determine the prices of our products based on what you want your own profit margins to be. Select the markups your store is comfortable with and sell jewelry at the prices you want.

Life Long Customers

We believe in creating relationships, not just sales. Boost your sales by creating life long customers who will come to you for all their future jewelry needs. Customer’s personal information stays with you and never gets stored on our site.  YOU KEEP YOUR CUSTOMERS.


What other companies are saying

Jewelry Memo has given my online inventory the boost it desperately needed. My customers know that I can always find something to suit their jewelry needs.

― Anthony Jewelers

Jewelry Memo has helped me sell things I would never have known my customers had interest in. They purchased directly through my website and I received a check weeks later. It could not have been easier!

― Megan, M. Jewelers



Benefits of Jewelry Memo

  • Products show as your jewelry
  • Expansive online inventory of unique jewelry
  • Set your own profit margins
  • Constant Inventory Turnover- customers see fresh product
  • Get professional grade product photography at no cost to you
  • Boost your online sales without the extra work
  • Gain life long customers
  • Have products shipped directly to your customers, or to your store
  • Integrates with your current website for no cost and without complicated computer work
  • Skip the product photos, skip the coding, skip hiring extra people, skip setting up online payment processing
  • Skip extra work, get extra revenue for a 15 minute total setup time, AND ITS FREE
  • Small businesses helping other small businesses

Our Story


  • Over 3000 products listed on our site available in all price ranges. Constantly adding products to build inventory. Thoroughly vetted suppliers.  We tend to double our product offering each year or more.


  • Guarantee the authenticity and quality of every product sold. Graduate Gemologists, published authors, and award winning jewelry experts.


  • Part of the jewelry industry for 30 years. From handwritten jewelry memos to digital inventories, we’re experienced in all aspects of the trade.


Join Jewelry Memo

Why not boost your inventory by the thousands, today? Jewelry Memo is always completely free.

Allow our experts to link products and information to your current website so you can start selling new pieces today.

Looking to submit your inventory to Jewelry Memo? Why not become one of our select suppliers?

We will work with you to help share your online inventory with other jewelers around the nation. Take part in helping other small businesses grow!


About Us

We are jewelry experts dedicated to providing the world with the most unique antique and contemporary finds.

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