Become a Supplier

Becoming a Jewelry Memo supplier may be the best decision for your business. We work with hundreds of jewelry stores nationwide to digitally boost their inventory and are looking to add more qualified and vetted suppliers to our team. In order to maintain Jewelry Memo’s expansive online inventory, we rely on companies like you to offer your unique jewelry to other sellers. Becoming a Jewelry Memo supplier means supporting small businesses everywhere by helping fellow jewelry stores fulfill their customers’ requests.

Input Data

As a supplier, you will need to provide us with data and photos of your online inventory. Our team of experts will help you add your inventory to our online database. Your information is categorized, organized and then spread to hundreds of vetted jewelry stores worldwide.

Fill Orders

Once an item of yours is purchased, you simply pack and ship this item to the desired location (directly to the customer or to the store that made the sale).

Create Relationships

With Jewelry Memo, you are not just making sales, you are making relationships. Each jewelry store that selects your items for their inventory can become a life-long business partner.

Let’s build something together